Technical Conferences

Scene undestanding for Activity Monitoring
François BREMOND - INRIA - Sophia Antipolis
Internet of (Insecure) Things
Aurelien Francillon -  Eurecom - Sophia Antipolis
IoT Protocols : Standards and Versatility
Luc DENEIRE - Unice - Sophia Antipolis
Bluetooth Smart©Solutions for tiny metal objects -  Technical trade off and Solution
Chris BARRATT - Insight SiP - Sophia Antipolis
Putting the I on IoT : the mbed device platform
Amyas Phillips - ARM - Cambridge
Connecting IoT with Centralized management
Bernard SANCHEZ - Intel Security - Sophia Antipolis
Plug-and-Play application to IoT
Roel VAN DER TUIJN - Christophe ARNAL - STMicroelectronics - Sophia Antipolis
OpenAirInterface 4G : an Open LTE Network in a PC
Navid NIKAEIN - Eurecom - Sophia Antipolis